Bali is a place that once experienced, is not easily forgotten. In Bali, a profound mystical tradition fuses with a spirit of elegant quietness and simplicity. Darkness and light dance together, the ancient and the new intertwine. It is a place where one can both indulge the senses and purify the soul.

The first collection at Fragrant Wood consisted of pieces personally curated and collected over years of extensive travel. Established in 2011, the Gallery first focused on Balinese and Chinese works, but upon discovering an opportunity to broaden our artistic reach, we now showcase Asian and Canadian art. In so doing, we wish to explore the connection of Canadian and Eastern art and introduce our visitors to this beautiful spectrum of creativity. These pieces show beautifully in a contemporary gallery setting, and one can easily imagine how these artifacts would express their full exoticism in a bright, modern Vancouver home as well.

The Gallery has close relationships with all of the artists it represents, and is constantly building new relationships. On a continuous search for new talent, established artists are encouraged to submit their artwork for consideration. Fragrant Wood envisions being a venue where art from different cultures can be exposed. Additionally, our goal is to bring traditional art into a modern context, reframing what traditional Asian art can be when set against a western aesthetic. To this aim, the Gallery aims to bring exceptional Canadian artists to the East, as well as introduce excellent eastern artists to the West.

After evaluating how better to service its guests, The Gallery now offers venue and art rental as well as traditional Chinese/Japanese painting restoration.

May you be enraptured by the sensuality and artisanal allure of the work at Fragrant Wood, and feel a sense of serenity and calm as you wander through the space. May you feel the spirit of Canadian and Eastern art at Fragrant Wood when you visit. You are always welcome.